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Police Service of Salinas

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Message from the Chief

Chief Roberto Filice

It is truly my honor to lead the men and women of one of the finest police departments in the nation. The culturally rich and thriving community of Salinas is worthy of a professional, highly experienced, and skilled police department.

As your chief of police, I make the commitment to conserve and further develop public trust while partnering with the community. I want Salinas to remain a place that residents are always proud to call home.

The Salinas Police Department will strive to be accessible, transparent, and a valued component of the community. It is important to me that our residents are heard and treasured.

As your public servant, I will listen to your concerns and endeavor to be transparent and honest with my community as well as the professionals I serve with.

Preserving the highest level of integrity promotes healthy internal relationships and strong community relations, which creates the quality of police service our residents deserve.

The Salinas Police Department is dedicated to a community policing strategy. We are incredibly proud and grateful for the countless relationships and partnerships we’ve developed and will continue to build and maintain trust, transparency, and legitimacy.

Today’s law enforcement is facing extreme challenges, and I am delighted in our capability to adjust and remain dedicated to the safety of our residents and guests.

Our officers have a tough but rewarding job, and it is my responsibility to ensure they receive the necessary training, resources, equipment, guidance, and support to be successful and safe. This includes looking out for their health and well-being. Therefore, officer wellness is one of my top internal priorities moving forward.

Lastly, if you are considering a career in law enforcement, please continue browsing through our website to learn more about our great organization.

On behalf of my command staff, our employees, and volunteers, thank you.

Your humble public servant,

Roberto Filice

Chief of Police

Salinas Community

Sgt Kendall GraySergeant Kendall Gray

Salinas is a place where things grow: enough produce to feed the nation, enough wildflowers to blanket the nearby mountains, and all the dreams you might expect in one of the youngest cities in America. It's a community of 150,000 where the median age is 28 years.

We’re located near where the Salinas River ends its journey through its great valley to the Monterey Bay. Thanks to the soil, the climate — and hard-working, talented people — it’s one of the most fertile regions on earth.

This has been the home of Esselen and Ohlone Indians, Spanish missionaries and ranchers, American frontier people, and immigrants from Latin America, Japan, the Philippines, Switzerland — the world over. It was the birthplace of John Steinbeck, who set his novels East of Eden and Of Mice and Men in the Salinas Valley.

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Four Juveniles Arrested; Seville St Shooting - On 11/14/22, at approximately 7PM, Salinas Police responded to the area of Seville St. & Duran St. for a ShotSpotter activation. Once Officers arrived on the scene, they located 2 victims with gunshot wounds inside a vehicle involved in a collision. Salinas Police Officers performed life-saving measures on the driver, Andrew Parker (19), & he was transported to Natividad Medical Center (NMC), where he succumbed to his injuries. A second victim (Juvenile) was located outside the vehicle with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and was also transported to NMC by ambulance, where he was treated & later released.Since November, Detectives have continued to develop leads, were able to interview witnesses, as well as collect a large amount of data from nearby surveillance cameras. Detectives were able to identify four suspects, all high-school-aged juveniles. Detectives believe the suspects were attempting to rob the victims when the shooting occurred. As the victims tried to drive away, the collision occurred. The victims were not gang related. This morning, members of the Salinas Police Department Investigations Bureau, Violence Suppression Task Force and SWAT, with the assistance of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department and CDCR SERT, served four search warrants in the City of Salinas & one search warrant just outside of Salinas. Four juveniles (15-17 years old) were arrested for the murder of Andrew Parker & the attempted murder of the second victim. The four juveniles were all lodged into Monterey County Juvenile Hall. This remains an active investigation as Detectives continue with additional follow-up. There are no outstanding suspects, & detectives do not believe there is any additional risk to the community. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Detective Alejandro Zamora at 831-758-7148. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also call the Salinas Police Department's anonymous tip line at 831-775-4222. ... See MoreSee Less
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It is with great sadness we announce yet another line of duty death in the State of California. An Officer with Selma PD was shot and killed yesterday. Officer Gonzalo Carrasco was a 2 year veteran of the department. Our prayers are with the family, friends, and co-workers of the fallen Officer. The Fresno County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is supporting the Selma Police Officers Association by establishing a memorial fund in which all donations will be given to the Officers family. Please send contributions to: Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association C/O Selma POA memorial fund 1360 Van Ness Avenue Fresno, CA 93721 ... See MoreSee Less
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Here at Salinas PD we would like to dispel a big rumor we hear going around at times (yes sometimes even with YouTube lawyers). The good ol’ “home base” rumor. Well you see, if you commit a flagrant violation of the law and then make it home the tag rule of “home base” does NOT come into affect. In our game of tag there are very few rules: 1. it last ffffoooeeeevvveerrr, like the Officer from the sandlot would say. 2. No home base. 3. When you’re tagged you go to jail and do not pass go.We talk about this rumor because two unsuspecting gang members in the City of Soledad learned this the hard way, when VSTF showed up at their “home base.”With the help of Soledad PD and HSI they served a search warrant in the 1600 block of Palm Ave. Aaron Ramirez (18) and Andrew Leon (18) were both arrested in possession of 3 unregistered polymer 80 handguns and 1 oz of cocaine. Both were taken to jail and schooled up on the “home base” rumors. VSTF will continue to follow the criminals even if that means working with our great partners and going to a different city!!! ... See MoreSee Less
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Salinas PD has signed up for the 2023 Santa Cruz Polar Plunge. This event helps raise money for the @specialolympicsnca. It is used to help change so many lives and raise awareness for their cause. We hope that you will consider joining our team. Here is the link to donate:p2p.onecause.com/santacruzpolarplunge/team/salinas-pd-2 Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! ... See MoreSee Less
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Community we need your help! Officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of N Sanborn in regards to a found child. We are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying him and finding his parents. If you have any information contact dispatch at 831-758-7321.Update: The child was reunited with his parents. Thank you all. ... See MoreSee Less
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Please join us on March 4 for the battle of the badges basketball game. It is going to be fun!!!! ... See MoreSee Less
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When you are a pirate of the porches, we hear there is a code to live by. Running like Captain Jack Sparrow across the street with arms full of Amazon packages might be one of them, but doing it with a Police Officer parked on the same street is definitely not part of that code. A vigilant, porch pirate hunting, Officer was in the area of Soledad St, when he noticed Zachary Lopez (25) running across the street with several Amazon packages. Lopez was stopped and tried to give his best excuses, but the Officer wasn’t buying his pirate tales. The victim was contacted and confirmed Lopez was in fact a porch pirate. Lopez was arrested (theft and felony warrants) and wasn’t able to use the famous Captain Jack Sparrow line “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack sparrow.” Because this is the day that Pirate Lopez was caught and will walk the plank at a later date! #porchpirates #walktheplank #jacksparrowimpersonator ... See MoreSee Less
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Well well well everyone is excited that the 49ers are winners, but I can tell you about one loser today. Mr. Marcos Rodriguez (35) was arrested today as the swap meet thief. A heads up local Parole Agent was able to identify Rodriguez as the suspect. It helped that he is currently on parole in Salinas. A parole search was conducted at his residence and Rodriguez was found in a closet trying to hide from Officers. He will be celebrating the 49ers victory in county jail with all his new fresh felony charges. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Salinas Police Department
Salinas Police Department ... See MoreSee Less
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Salinas has its very own sticky bandit…. A couple of days ago this unknown male devised a devious plan to rip off hard working citizens of Salinas. He entered the indoor swap meet during business and scooped the place out. He found himself a nice cozy place to hide for several hours, while he waited for the swap meet to close. Once the swap meet was closed for the night, the sticky bandit, began his five finger discount shopping spree. He spent about 4-5 hours inside gathering items such as laptops, phones, clothes, and cash all totaling to about $11,000. He also decided to be extra reckless and do about $3000 dollars in damage to the inside of the swap meet. He thought he was slick and decided to change into the stolen clothes to change his appearance. This was after he looked directly into a surveillance camera, so not the best change of appearance. We need your help identifying this thief and vandal, so we can try to bring some justice to the many victims affected by his actions. Info you have any info please DM this account or email [email protected], thank you. ... See MoreSee Less
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Slow Down, Look Out for People Walking: September is Pedestrian Safety Month
September is Pedestrian Safety Month, and Salinas Police Department will participate in activities throughout the month encouraging the safety of people walking.

Four Suspects Arrested in E. Bernal Dr. Homicides
On August 31, 2021, at approximately 12:33 pm Salinas Police Officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert of 10 shots fired on E. Bernal Dr. near the intersection with Maryal Dr.

Federal Jury Convicts Two Gang Members Of Conspiracies To Commit Assault And Murder Inside Monterey County Jail https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/pr/federal-jury-convicts-two-gang-members-conspiracies-commit-assault-and-murder-inside


Please join the Salinas Police Activities League’s first-ever RED-CARPET GALA.🌟 To purchase tickets to this event please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/342488601627.

The day is almost here! Join us this Saturday from 12 to 3pm at 312 E. Alisal St. at your Police Service of Salinas Headquarters as we celebrate 150 years of service. It will be a fun day for the entire family.

June 1, 2022- Homicide Investigation Update:
On 5/31/22 at approximately 2:55pm Salinas Police Officers responded to the intersection of N. Sanborn Rd. and Del Monte Ave. on a report of a victim of a shooting.

Sgt. Gerardo Magana is recognized by Los Padres Elementary School parent group for his dedication to the community!


Our Autism Awareness Family Fun Event is this Saturday at the Police Service of Salinas Headquarters 312 E. Alisal St. Come by and join the fun, there will be activities, a raffle, games and food & drinks.

News and Announcements

Slow Down, Look Out for People Walking: September is Pedestrian Safety Month

Posted On: September 1st, 2022

September is Pedestrian Safety Month, and Salinas Police Department will participate in activities throughout the month encouraging the safety of people walking.

Based on data projections from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), 7,485 people, or an average of 20 people every day, died after being struck by a vehicle last year – an 11.5% increase from 2020 and a 40-year high.

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Shoulder Tap and Minor Decoy Operation

Posted On: August 25th, 2022

This past week, agents from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and Salinas Police Department conducted a Shoulder Tap Operation which targets adults who purchase alcohol for people under 21 years of age. In addition, they also conducted a Minor Decoy Operation which targets those businesses that sell alcohol to minors.

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August is Back to School Safety Month: Slow Down and Look for Children in School Zones

Posted On: August 3rd, 2022

As students head back to the classroom, the Salinas Police Department reminds parents and residents to follow the speed limit and be extra careful driving through school zones.

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Missing Person Juvenile

Posted On: July 22nd, 2022

The Salinas Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing teenage girl who is believed to be in the company of an older man.  Valeria Flores Soriano (16) was last seen this morning leaving her home in Salinas. 

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