Exemplary Actions by Off-Duty Salinas PD Detective Ruben Sanchez

Release Date/Time: 2/25/2021 12:26 PM
Incident:Exemplary Actions by Off-Duty Salinas PD Detective Ruben Sanchez
Date: Sunday, 2/7/2021
Location:Asilomar Beach

On February 22, 2021, the Salinas Police Department received a letter from a grateful community member regarding Detective Ruben Sanchez’s exemplary actions, while off-duty.  The letter stated the following:

Dear Ms. Fresé,

This letter is in reference to one of your employees, Officer Ruben Sanchez.

On Sunday, February 7, my husband I went to the beach in Asilomar to spend the day.  During the afternoon, my husband, who has had a stroke, fell and his head on a boulder.  I cried out for help.  Officer Sanchez, who was spending the day with his family, had observed the accident and rushed to my husband’s aid.

He assisted me to stabilize his head, then called 911.  He didn’t leave my husband’s side until the ambulance arrived.  Officer Sanchez, in our opinion, acted heroically, and was caring, and kind.  Thanks to him, I felt at ease, knowing that my husband was in good hands.  He even brought our belongings to the car, which allowed us to answer questions from the paramedics.  We believe Officer Sanchez went above and beyond ‘the call of duty,” to assist and support us. 

It speaks very highly of your police department to have among its members a man such as Officer Sanchez.  We are very grateful to him and hope that he receives words of recognition for his outstanding support to our family. He is truly a ‘good Samaritan,” and the city of Salinas is lucky to have him in its police department.

Part of Salinas PD’s Organizational Value Statement notes, ‘The Salinas Police Department exists to serve the community.  We do this by protecting life and property, preventing crime, enforcing the law, and by maintaining order for all citizens.”  Detective Sanchez’s actions prove that our community does not stop at the city limits and our commitment to protecting life does not only apply while on-duty.  We would like to acknowledge and commend Detective Sanchez for his off-duty actions and thank him for displaying the high moral fiber expected of a Salinas Police Officer. 

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera